Janni Bars schampoo för människor "Global"

89 kr

45 kr

This shampoo bar is a mixture of ingredients collected from all over the world, hence the name Global. Coconut, Olive, Papaya, and if you never heard of it before, you will remember it from now on, Baobab oil. 

Baobab in native to Africa and is the new up and coming super oil that has a range of great uses for skin and hair. You will be seeing more of it. Both Baobab and Papaya oil were picked for this bar as they both have all the nutrients needed to promote hair growth, so if you are worrying about thinning hair, this is definitely the bar for you. The oils also have a wonderful effect of grey and coarse hair, making it appear finer and softer, making it more manageable and glossy. The blend of essential oils are unisex, with a fresh scent and a hint of spice, all of course with great effects on the hair and scalp. Rosemary and Black Pepper both also work to stimulate the hair follicle to promote growth, and Rosemary also can work to slow down the greying of hair. 

Weight: approx. 100 grams