Enbarr / Jannibars Superior Silk conditioner för häst och hund

139 kr

For horse owners that are fussy with what they put on their horse but still want a shiny, soft, show standard finish to their horses coat and tail, the conditioner bar is a must have in the tack box. Offering of course a plastic free solution, with only natural ingredients you can now lock in moisture and help protect your horses hair between washes. 

Unlike traditional conditioner that uses silicone to coat the hair, creating a nasty build up of synthetic material, we have added natural Silk to this bar, which truly gives that soft and supple feeling, without making the hair heavy or greasy. It also improves elasticity in hair and protects brittle hair from breaking, for those wanting a fuller and healthier tail. Also there is no SLS, parabens or synthetic fragrances. Extremely long lasting as you only need a few strokes. 

Choose from 24 Carat (Lemongrass and Eucalyptus), or Empire (Fresh mint)

Size: approx. 100 g